Purchase of wood

We buy raw materials exclusively at auctions and tenders organized by the Ukrainian Universal Exchange. 

All purchased wood meets FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards and the requirements of state-owned enterprises - Forest Farms of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine. 

Before delivery to production, our specialists carry out the selection of wood, so that it is guaranteed to meet the quality characteristics and be suitable for the production of solid wood furniture (grade A, B).

You can be sure of compliance with radiation standards, environmental friendliness, and the legality of the raw materials used. 


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by representatives of environmental and social companies, as well as forest owners and wood processors from around the world. 

The Council's mission is to promote ecologically safe, socially and economically profitable management of forestry in the world.

FSC® is a certificate of origin of a product obtained from certified forest raw materials. Timber and wood products from companies that have received this certificate are considered legally harvested and comply with EU legislation.

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Solid oak has excellent visual and technical characteristics. In particular, it has a noble appearance, interesting texture and durability. Despite the average price category, the quality of the finished product is always high. Oak wood is characterized by strength, density, hardness and weight. The special natural color, structure, and high resistance to fungi make oak one of the most popular species for interior use. Furniture, carpentry, parquet board, windows and doors are made from it, which will serve for many years, acquiring a noble vintage shade over time. 


Solid ash is one of the most beautiful, strong, expressive and time-resistant materials. Ash is one of the few types of wood that does not add additional shrinkage after drying. It is shock-resistant, elastic, suitable both for making frames and for carved decorations. Ash wood is characterized by elasticity and strength, and practically does not restore the characteristics of oak. The gum is resistant to mechanical shocks and is quite elastic. Due to the characteristics of this tree, table tops, stairs and other elements that require high wear resistance are made from ash. The main disadvantage of ash is its resistance to moisture. The attractive natural texture of ash does not require additional toning. Clear pattern, bright color and unique texture are preserved for many years. 

Thermal wood

Thermowood (thermomodified wood, TMD) is a tree that has been treated under the influence of a particularly high temperature (up to 260 ° C), as a result of which it received high resistance against fungal and biological damage, increased fire-fighting, moisture-repellent and heat-insulating properties, high wear resistance and durability in 25 times larger than that of an ordinary tree.

Thermal wood obtained by thermohydrolysis with limited air access in a water vapor atmosphere, the temperature regime of the processes is 150-260° C. 

After heat treatment, the board receives the following advantages:

1 - GEOMETRIC STABILITY. Heat-treated wood does not deform over time (does not swell, does not dry out, does not crack) under any external influences - precipitation, increase or decrease in temperature.

2 - ABSOLUTE ECOLOGICAL PURITY. Heat treatment of wood takes place without adding any chemicals, only two environmentally safe components are used - water and high temperature.

3 - MOISTURE RESISTANCE. Even under long-term exposure to water and atmospheric influences, heat-treated wood retains a maximum moisture content of 8-10%, which corresponds to the moisture content of ordinary dry wood.

4 - DURABILITY. Heat treatment combines a chain of physical and mechanical transformations of wood, which give the treated material a unique biological durability and do not require any chemical protection.

5 - BIORESISTANCE. As a result of high temperatures in wood, favorable conditions for the emergence and reproduction of microorganisms disappear. As a result, the durability of wood increases by 15-25 times. Thermal wood does not rot, is not susceptible to damage by fungus, bacteria, insects, and at the same time does not require treatment with chemical means.

6 - THERMAL INSULATION. Due to its low density, it has high thermal insulation properties.

7 - AESTHETICS. Thermal treatment clearly emphasizes the beauty of wood. The color becomes more saturated and uniform along the entire perimeter, the wood texture stands out effectively. The effect of valuable wood species is achieved. The smell of thermowood evokes associations with a clean forest, nature and peace.

Heel pads:

Heel pads of our own production, designed individually for each product. They protect the surface from scratches and the product from long-term contact with moisture, which allows you to increase its service life.


In the production of soft parts of furniture and mattresses for deckchairs, special street fabric produced by the American company "Sunbrella" is used, as well as European brands: "Zinc Textile", "Kirkbydesing", "ROMO", "CASAMANCE".

Соціальні мережі


For deckchairs we use Textilene fabric - a polyester fiber protected by a PVC coating, produced by the French company "Serge Ferrari" with a very wide range of colors.

- weather resistance: the textile is made to be UV and mold resistant to stay beautiful and healthy for a long time, with vibrant colors;

- very easy to clean; 

- safety: fabrics do not contain phthalates and Greenguard Gold

- quality: the fabrics do not sag, they are designed and manufactured to maintain the design year after year.​


Соціальні мережі

Coating technology

Coating of our furniture takes place in three stages:

- The first: coating with an antiseptic agent or soil (depending on the further use of the furniture).

- The second: coloring, impregnation of products with deep penetrating oils to emphasize the texture and additional bioprotection and protection from UV rays.

-The third: the main layer of protection (against moisture) wax or oil wax. 

Garden furniture made of solid wood processed in this way preserves the natural wood texture.

Furniture care and storage rules

Caring for any natural wood furniture will greatly affect its appearance and durability. So, in order for the furniture to serve for a long time, it is worth remembering the following:

1. Any liquid should be wiped immediately with a soft cloth and ensure that the furniture is dry.

2. Avoid excessive friction. Do not use abrasive or silicone-based cleaners.

3. Various stains, traces, it is enough to wipe with a wet microfiber cloth.

4. Do not place wooden furniture too close to heaters and other heat sources.

5. In autumn, we recommend covering wooden furniture with covers that repel water.

Follow the tips and WOODSUN furniture will serve you for many years.