Woodworking enterprise WOODSUN was founded in 2017. 

In 2020, rebranding took place, and the company focused on a narrow niche.

A narrow niche - outdoor furniture for recreation - which is made of solid wood (oak, ash, thermal ash, alder, pine)

The company buys raw materials at state auctions, so you can be sure of environmental friendliness, compliance with radiation standards, and the legality of the raw materials used. 

The WOODSUN company has a closed cycle of furniture production. This means that the production process begins with the careful selection of wood in the forest and ends with the delivery and installation of finished furniture in your home.

One of the most important stages of furniture production is the quality of raw materials. 

Wood processing in production begins at our own sawmill, where we cut the boards to the required size, dry them, prepare them for further processing and manufacture the finished product. The quality and durability of the finished furniture depends on the wood drying process, so we use the latest Italian-made automatic drying chambers. 

Only full automation of the process allows you to get ideal raw materials that will not crack and dry out.  

All processes are controlled by a computer, so you can be sure that the raw material is completely ready for processing, has no internal stresses and has the required moisture content of 6-8%.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the developed drawings and relevant research and testing.

During production, we use the best fittings, components and components of European brands.

During the sewing of soft parts, one of the best street (special) fabrics, fillers (foam) are used, which are sewn on modern equipment by employees with extensive experience in this field 

Our furniture embodies modern trends, high quality, and most importantly, environmental friendliness. 

For our customers, we become a partner in the pursuit of beauty and maximum aesthetic pleasure from life through functional objects of the living space. 

Our client receives products that create conditions for a comfortable pastime...


   -  Full production cycle; 

   -  Original handmade products; 

   -  Environmental friendliness; 

   -  The best Ukrainian wood; 

   -  Practicality, reliability and durability; 

   -  Quality control;

   -  A wide palette of wood and textile colors; 

   -  Individual customer service;

   -  Dedicated specialists.


During the production of our products, we use wood hard rocks –  oakash  and  thermal ash 

On individual orders, it is also possible to use other wood  alder  or  pine.  


    • WOODSUN are products made of natural wood;
    • The cost is lower than similar products produced in EU countries;  
    • Own production, full cycle, control at all stages, possibility of control by the client in the furniture manufacturing process;
    • The client's choice of raw materials, coating color, individual choice of fabric by design, brand... etc.
    • We do not use artificial materials, plastic, low-quality components, cheap textiles, etc​.

Serhii, founder of the WOODSUN company.

"I founded WOODSUN to work for exceptional people. People who constantly strive to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them. People for whom aesthetics, style and comfort are not just words, but a deep philosophy."