Questions and answers

1. How long has your company been on the market?

Woodworking enterprise WOODSUN was founded in 2017.
In 2020, rebranding took place, and the company focused on a narrow niche. 

2. Where is yours located production?

​Production and warehouse are located in Chopovichi village, Korosten district, Zhytomyr region

3. What products/services do you sell? 

We are a manufacturer of outdoor furniture made of solid wood

4. What kind of wood do you work with?

Our company works with hard types of wood - oak, ash, thermal wood. For individual orders, it is possible to use pine and alder.

5. Where do you buy wood from?

We buy raw materials exclusively at auctions and tenders organized by the Ukrainian Universal Exchange. All purchased wood meets FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards and the requirements of state-owned enterprises - Forest Farms of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine. Before delivery to production, our specialists select wood to ensure that it meets the quality characteristics and is suitable for the production of solid wood furniture (grade A, B).
Therefore, you can be sure of compliance with radiation standards, environmental friendliness, and the legality of the raw materials used. 

6. What is FSC? 

Forest Guardian Council (Forest Stewardship Council® The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by representatives of environmental and social companies, as well as forest owners and wood processors from around the world. The Council's mission is to promote ecologically safe, socially and economically beneficial management of forestry in the world (
FSC® is a certificate of origin of a product obtained from certified forest raw materials. Timber and wood products from companies that have received this certificate are considered legally harvested and comply with EU legislation.

7. Is your business full cycle or do you work with contractors?

The company "WOODSUN" carries out a full cycle of work from the purchase of raw materials at auctions, delivery to production and to sawing, drying, storage and production of products. In addition, designers, designers and sewing specialists work in our team of employees. All products are manufactured in accordance with developed drawings and conducted research and testing. This means that the production process begins with the careful selection of wood in the forest and ends with the delivery of finished furniture to you.

8. What advantages does your product have compared to competitors?

We are different from others:

  • Products from natural wood;
  • The cost is many times lower than similar products produced in EU countries;
  • Own production, full cycle, control at all stages, possibility of control by the client in the furniture manufacturing process;
  • The client's choice of raw materials, coating color, individual choice of fabric by design, brand... etc.
  • We do not use artificial materials, plastic, low-quality components, cheap textiles...etc.

9. What guarantees do you provide for products?

We provide a warranty for 24 months from the moment of sale of furniture, provided that the rules of storage and operation of the products specified in the warranty card are followed. Details of cooperation are agreed at the time of ordering.
We are not responsible for damages caused by improper operation. This rule also applies to damage caused by use in extreme weather conditions or lack of care.

10. Do you provide after-sales service? 

We provide service or, if necessary, we can manufacture components.

11. Are you willing to provide discounts for large order?

Yes, we are ready for dialogue. We offer to discuss in more detail during individual communication.

12. What payment methods do you accept?

1. Cash settlement
- Cash on delivery - at the branch of the transport company, which ensures the delivery of the goods.
- Any bank of Ukraine according to the invoice.
- To the courier, during delivery (after receiving the invoice and delivery note).
2. Non-cash settlement In your personal account - through the Privat24 system
3. Non-cash VAT settlement for invoices, which is prepared in accordance with the details provided by the buyer

13. What are the payment terms for the order? Full prepayment, partial or postpayment?

Everything depends on the availability of items in the warehouse.
In the case of a pre-order, the calculation formula is as follows: advance payment - 70%, before shipment from our warehouse - payment of 30% of the balance.

14. Terms delivery of goods?

Delivery across Ukraine takes two to three days.
Delivery to Europe requires individual calculation, but in general the period is no more than 4-5 days after shipment from our warehouse.

15. Do you provide a complete list of documents for customs clearance?

Yes, we provide.

16. Is it possible to return the product?

​Our company returns and exchanges goods of appropriate quality in accordance with the Law "On the protection of consumer rights", which gives you the right to return or exchange a product that does not fit within 14 days of purchase.

17. Where can I get acquainted with the technical characteristics?

You can familiarize yourself with the main characteristics on our website, and we provide detailed technical information upon request.

18. What are the features of using your products in different conditions?

Any products can become covered with mold and mildew if they are not taken care of. Furniture should be stored in a dry place in winter. If you have nowhere to put them, open them with waterproof covers.
Remember that the color of garden furniture can be changed over time. Plan to place furniture above the exterior so that it is not exposed to too much sunlight. 

19. Do you have a loyalty program for repeat customers?

Yes, we are ready for dialogue. We offer to discuss in more detail during individual communication.

20. Do you provide advice on choosing the product that best meets the customer's needs?

So our managers will help you choose what is best for you.

22. Is it possible to obtain individual terms of cooperation with your company?

We are ready for dialogue. We offer to discuss in more detail during individual communication.

23. What advantages does your product have over similar products on the market?

  • Full production cycle; 
  • Original handmade products; 
  • Environmental friendliness; 
  • The best Ukrainian wood; 
  • Practicality, reliability and durability; 
  • Quality control;
  • Stylish attractive design; 
  • A wide palette of wood and textile colors; 
  • Individual customer service;
  • Dedicated specialists.

24. Ready to make an order from our design?

Given the capacity of our production, we do not produce items in one copy. If we are talking about a batch, which for the order involves the development of design drawings of the product according to your design and its manufacture - it is necessary to conduct an individual consultation with our specialists.

25. What is the production time of each of your items? Chaise longue, table, set, etc.?

The production period is from 5 working days, it depends on several factors: the quantity in the order, the complexity of the production and loading of the enterprise. For each request, you should check with our specialists.

26. Can you provide certificates for wood/metal/fabrics/related materials?

Yes, we can provide you with all certificates for raw materials, materials and components in electronic form.

27. What marketing materials do you provide to support sales?

If necessary, we are ready to provide our partners with all the necessary information, namely:

  1. Photo and video materials;
  2. References for each subject; 
  3. Printed products and catalogs; 
  4. Samples of raw materials, fabrics.

28. What is the algorithm for ordering goods?

  1. Decide on the location of the furniture (our manager will help you choose the best model)
  2. Our company works with several types of wood, if necessary, our specialist will advise you on each of them.
  3. If the set includes a soft part, we will help you with the choice of fabric.
  4. When ordering a large volume of goods, it is worth checking availability in stock.

29. Which fabric brands do you work with?

We work with manufacturers of specialized fabrics that are intended for outdoor furniture. In particular:
- For chaise lounges of the "Chale" collection, we use "Textilene" fabric from a French company «Serge Ferrari». Textilene is made from a special polyester thread. In appearance, it resembles a soft textile, at the same time, it has special strength and a list of important characteristics: it does not get wet through and dries quickly, it has dirt-repellent properties, does not rub off, is resistant to sunlight, retains its appearance for many years, is easy to care for, pleasant to the touch
- In the production of soft parts of furniture and mattresses for sunbeds, we work with a special outdoor fabric produced by the American company "Sunbrella". We also use fabrics from European manufacturers: Top Textile, Kirkbydesing, ROMO, CASAMANCE. «Sunbrella». We also use fabrics from European manufacturers: "TopTextile", "Kirkbydesing", "ROMO", CASAMANCE.

30. Is it possible to order products online?

Yes, the product can be bought online from our Online store.

31. Is it possible to see samples of your furniture from some representatives?

You can view our products live at the production warehouse or at our representatives in your region. We provide the list of representatives and the address.